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Imagga is a cloud platform that helps businesses and individuals organize their images in a fast and cost-effective way

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For real geeks

We develop a range of advanced proprietary image recognition and image processing technologies, which are built into the services and tools we offer. Here they are:

Smart cropping and Slicing technology

Our smart cropping and slicing technologies automatically choose the most visually appealing parts of your images and let you crop them accordingly.

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Color extraction and Multi-color search technology

Our color extraction and search technologies analyze the images in order to extract the representative colors from them and to allow multi-color search.

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Visual Similarity Search technology

Our visual similarity search technology analyzes digital images in terms of colors, shapes, and composition to allow visual search amongst them.
(Still in closed beta)

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Auto-tagging technology

Our auto-tagging technology allows automatic suggestion of relevant descriptive keywords for image collections with little or no text tags assigned.
(Still in closed beta)

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Imagga's Tools

For image lovers

If you have a small collection of images that you need to analyze or process - make sure to take a look at our collection of online tools utilizing the above-mentioned technologies.


Cropp.me is a uber cool and easy-to-use online tool for auto-cropping images.


ColorsLike.me is a handy automated tool that extracts representative colors out of your images.
(In open beta)


StockPodium.com is an online marketplace for micro-stock images. It provides access to millions of creative photographs via a novel visual search interface.


AutoTag.me is our really fantastic tool for auto-tagging images.
(Still in closed beta)

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Imagga's API

Overview »

Imagga API is the programming interface to our image recognition and processing technologies available as a set of web services.

The API allows you to seamlessly integrate the technologies and automate the process of analyzing, organizing and searching through your large image collections.

Overview of our APIs »

Color extraction and Multi-color search API

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Smart cropping and slicing API

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About Imagga

Meet the team »

Imagga Ltd is a company that develops and offers technologies, services, and online tools for visual image search, image recognition and image processing in the cloud.

Imagga Ltd was founded in the end of 2008.

Visual recogntion and image search

We live in a world where we are constantly surrounded by visual information. Words are useful to search and explore, but so are images. In fact, words and images are the yin and yang of search. So we would like to show you how they are (inter)linked in the search process. And to bring back the fun to searching and exploring, while looking for this one image that you always knew was the right one for you and your project.

Imagga processing in the cloud

In the past whenever you wanted to process your digital photos or images you had to use a dedicated image processing software program installed on your PC or Mac, or a special app on your smartphone. But things are changing… You can now access the web from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC/Mac anytime and from anywhere.


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Imagga API Overview

Imagga API is a set of image analysis and understanding technologies available as web services that allow owners of large image collections to automate the process of analyzing, organizing and searching through the images inside their collections.

The services are hosted at our end and are available on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis which makes them very flexible, scalable (applicable to any size of image collection), and affordable.

How does it work?

To take a look at our technical documentation click here.


Our pricing model follows the scheme described below:

Free Demo Account

Free Trial Account

The API users can try out the Imagga API absolutely free of charge for a limited period of time (typically between a week and 1 month) and within a limit of free API calls, after they have signed up.

Setup Fee

Setup Fee

Once they have finished testing the API, and only in case they find it suitable for their needs and they would like to start using it in production mode, the API users need to pay a small one-time setup fee.



From then on, there is only a monthly pay-as-you-go fee based solely on the actual usage of the service (similarly to Amazon Web Services and other cloud platforms)


We've summarized most of the non-technical info, as well as some case-studies, in our commercial whitepaper that you can download from here:

Document download
Download PDF (3.3MB)
Meet the team

We, at Imagga are very excited in what we are doing with those fancy tecnologies! ;)

Georgi Kadrev
Georgi Kadrev Managing Director,
Co-founder and
technology ninja

Georgi has a long lasting passion and extensive experience with regards to image analysis and its many applications. His first pet project, Easy Morphing, was dedicated to image transformations and morphing, winning many national student awards in Bulgaria between 2001 and 2003.

In August 2008 Georgi founded Imagga Ltd aiming to popularise image recognition and demonstrate its potential to transform several industries. With Imagga he managed to take part and win a lot of international initiatives and competitions related to innovation and entrepreneurship. He is also a lecturer in technology entrepreneurship in Sofia University and volunteer as a startup scout at LAUNCHub.

Georgi brings both his technical expertise and business vision in the process of building the great innovative company that Imagga is meant to be.

Pavel Andreev
Pavel Andreev Creative Director,
Co-founder and
UX ninja

Actively involved in web business development over the last 6 years with numerous web projects. He is founder and CEO of StickyCreative and co-founder of Imagga. His passion is to create web projects that maintain a balance of usability and effective content presentation. Pavel has advanced knowledge of web and interface design and front-end development. As a Creative director he is responsible for some award winning web projects. He is always looking for new and exciting projects to integrate his visual concepts. Fan of unusual creative ideas.

Pavel is responsible for all visual ideas and the flawless user experience of StockPodium and all other projects of Imagga.

Chris Georgiev
Chris Georgiev Marketing Director,
Co-founder and
social master

Hristo ("Chris") together with Pavel Andreev co-founded Web Gravity in 2006, a web design and development company with various web awards in Bulgaria. Some of those awards include: Golden Umbrella Festival, Albena 2007, BG Site – Sofia 2008, BG Site – Sofia 2009. Chris is also a StartUP activist, committed blogger and passionate web and Apple evangelist

Hristo’s role in Imagga includes permanent idea generation, maniacal attention to detail, and of course, business development and evangelizing the great result of the team’s collective efforts.

Stavri Nikolov
Stavri Nikolov Research Director,
Co-founder and
vision guru

Dr Stavri Nikolov is Founding Director of the Digital Spaces Living Lab (DSLL) in Sofia, Bulgaria - a Living Lab in the field of new digital media technologies, location-based services (LBS) and smart cities. He is also founder of Attentive Displays Ltd and its Head of Research. In the past, Dr Nikolov was also a Senior Scientist in Digital Identity and Information Search (2009 – 2011) at the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies of the European Commission in Seville, Spain, and a Senior Research Fellow in Image Processing (1998 – 2007) at the University of Bristol, UK. His research interests over the years have spanned several areas including image analysis, image fusion, computer graphics, new methods for data visualisation. In the last 20 years he has participated in many research projects in Austria, Portugal, Bulgaria, the UK, and Spain, in image processing, image fusion, HCI, eye-tracking, digital identity and information search. He has published more than 70 refereed or invited papers, including eight invited book chapters, and also numerous technical reports.

Stavri’s role in Imagga is to actively research, design and propose novel image processing and visual similarity algorithms, technologies and related user experiences. He also supports the company with his extensive research and business know-how.

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