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  • Developer for individual developers
  • 12000 images/month
    3000 images/day
    2 calls/second
  • $14 / month
  • Email support only(3 business days)
  • Indie for early-stage startups
  • 35000 images/month
    10000 images/day
    3 calls/second
  • $79 / month
  • Email support only(1 business day)
  • Pro for image intensive companies
  • All APIs Included
    Tagging, Cropping,
    Categorization, Color
  • 150000 images/month
    50000 images/day
    5 calls/second
  • $349 / month
  • Onboarding, Instant support (email, skype)
  • Enterprise for image-driven businesses
  • All APIs Included or
    On-premise solution
  • up to 1B images/month
    up to 100M images/day
    unlimited calls/second
  • Contact us
  • Onboarding,
    Instant support,
    Account manager

Custom training, pay-as-you-go and one-time processing!

Custom training

We offer training with customer defined categories or tags. Prices start from $1199 and depend on the complexity of the tags or categories to be recognized.

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Flexible plan

Not sure how many images you will process on a monthly basis? Our pay-as-you-go option may suit you best.
($0.005 per additional image)

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One-time processing

You have millions of photos and need to tag or categorize them once? We offer one-time processing of large volumes
(more than 500K).

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Not sure how the tagging will work in your app? Tag up to 2000 images per month and 200 images per day (1 call per second).

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