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Build the next generation of Image Recognition Applications with Imagga's API

Tagging Images and Keywords API for Content Moderation - Imagga Solutions
Visual Similarity Search API, Visual Search - Imagga Solutions
Facial Recognition API, Face Detection – Imagga Solutions
Tech Your System to Recognize Concepts with Custom Training - Imagga Solutions
Categorization API for Image Classification - Imagga Solutions
Adult Content Moderation API - Imagga Solutions
Auto Cropping API for Image Cropping Based on Object Image Analysis - Imagga Solutions
Color Extraction API for Identifying and Categorizing Images - Imagga Solutions
Organization Personal Photo API Combining Image Recognition and Categorization - Imagga Solutions
On-premise Image Recognition Software - Imagga Solutions
Content Moderation Solution Combining the Best of Artificial and Human Intelligence - Imagga Products
Imagga Success Stories
Technology & Cloud - Imagga Success Stories
Media & Entertainment - Imagga Success Stories
Commerce & Retail - Imagga Success Stories
Advertising - Imagga Success Stories
Real Estate - Imagga Success Stories
Hardware/IoT - Imagga Success Stories
Intelligencebank: Automating Digital Asset Management process with Image Recognition - Imagga Success Stories
Swisscom: Enhancing Swisscom myCloud with automated image organization - Imagga Success Stories
Funambol: Keep Your Memories Forever and Always at Your Fingertips - Imagga Success Stories
Fotoware: Making Image Content Searchable By Auto Assigning Consistent Keywords In DAM - Imagga Success Stories
PlantSnap: Training the world's largest plant recognition classifier - Imagga Success Stories
Unsplash: Improve Image Search to Discover More Relevant Images With Auto Tagging and Categorization - Imagga Success Stories
Eden: Create one unified tagging system accross a variety of platforms with on Mac OS - Imagga Success Stories
Deliety: Discovering Items Based on Color Allows Ecommerce Users Huge Advantage When Purchasing - Imagga Success Stories
Seedpost: How KIA used Imagga to create a personalized enginge campaign for its new KIA K5 - Imagga Success Stories
Tavisca: Generate Hotel Listing Through Aggregate Image From Travel Websites - Imagga Success Stories
SNU: Trash recognition and recycling using Image Recognition. - Imagga Success Stories
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Imagga's company profile, mission & team
Imagga's core tech team is looking for Researcher/Senior researcher - Imagga careers
Imagga's core tech team is looking for Data Scientist - Imagga careers
Imagga Blog - Image Recognition, Machine Learning Trends
Research Publications
Photobox: Innovative service for automatic search and organisation of huge volumes of personal photos - Imagga Projects
Photobox: Иновативна услуга за автоматично търсене и организиране на огромни масиви с персонални снимки - Имага проекти
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Technology: Auto-Tagging Images Without Missing Powerfull Taxonomies
Technology: Create Content Suggestion and Categorization Based On Your Custom Criteria
Technology: Crop images automatically and create user-generated content without manual intervention
Technology: Extract Color From Image and Categorize Your Images Library
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