Imagga is an Image Recognition Platform-as-a-Service providing Image Tagging APIs for developers and businesses to build and monetize scalable image intensive apps in the cloud.

The Technology

We develop and democratize technologies for advanced image analysis, recognition and understanding in the cloud.
Our portfolio includes proprietary image auto-tagging, auto-categorization, color extraction and smart cropping technologies.
We've designed an infrastructure that can handle huge loads of images and auto-scale to accommodate a lot of concurrent queries.

The Solutions

We offer a set of APIs for automated image categorization and meta-data extraction, intended for business customers. Our APIs can be used either separately or in a combination, and they can save a lot of time and effort otherwise spent on manual curation of images. The application of our technology also leads to better user experience for the end-customers of our business customers. And last but not least, the level of automation that we offer, enables a lot of monetization opportunities that are simply not feasible or even not possible if huge amounts of images need to be handled manually. Currently we offer our APIs on a platform-as-a-service pay-as-you-go basis.

Our Mission

In the last few years, more photos have been taken with digital, mobile and wearable cameras, than in the whole previous history of photography!
The problem that we tackle is that individuals but also businesses don't have convenient ways to understand, organize and tag these huge amounts of images and miss a lot of resources and opportunities that way. Our mission is to heal that kind of blindness.

The Team Behind The Magic

Georgi Kadrev

CEO/CTO & Founder

Pavel Andreev

Head of Product & Founder

Chris Georgiev

Marketing Director & Founder

Stavri Nikolov

Research Director & Founder

Georgi Kostadinov

Core Tech Lead

Alex Dimitrov

On-Premise Lead

Siyana Plachkova

Software Developer


Vassil Terziev

Chief Innovation Officer at Progress Software

Todor Breshkov

Managing Partner at LAUNCHub

Join the team

Become part of the image revolution
Open positions:
Researcher/Senior Researcher
Data Scientist

Invest in Imagga

If you are a VC experienced in investing in platform-as-a-service companies and/or have a strong network in online fashion, retail, social media or photo sharing, where most of our potential customers are, contact us.

Contact us

+359 899 001 887 | bul. Cherni Vrah 47A, floor 4, Sofia 1407, Bulgaria

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