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How smart cropping works

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Image content

You have a website with a lot of image content that comes from various sources and you need to present it in one or more predefined sizes.

Ugly thumbnails

In a lot of cases the original aspect ratio of the image is very different from the sizes it needs to fit in. Central cropping would cut faces, bodies, or objects of interest in half.

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Smart Cropping to the rescue!

Our smart cropping analyzes the composition of the image and how 'interesting' the different parts of it are. After that it automatically suggests what is the best region to crop, in order to preserve the most relevant part of the image!

Use Cases

Online Media

A lot of photographers are out shooting photos for your articles. When you have to present them on a predefined-size slot on your homepage, they need to be cropped. Imagga's Smart Cropping handles this the right way.

Mobile Applications

A lot of different resolutions, aspect ratios, thumbnails and views of the same image are needed to provide the right user experience in your image centric mobile application. Our smart cropping will make you forget about the inconvenient central cropping.

Content Management Systems

If your data team uploads a lot of image content to your system, they would have to adjust and crop thousands of photos every day. This can be hard for them and also requires time that could otherwise be spent on doing something more creative and productive. Our smart cropping solves this problem automatically.

Need a full-stack image management that also includes our smart cropping?
Check our partners Blitline and Cloudinary

Case Study


Smart Cropping in Blitline

Blitline is a massive platform for image processing in the cloud that takes away from its customers the burden of managing images.

Blitline integrates Imagga's Smart Cropping API as a part of their solution, thus providing a better cropping method rather than the standard central cropping.

Their customers apply this in different verticals, from online retail stores to mobile applications.

What our clients say

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Ben Duffin
Lead Developer, A4 Apparel
Excellent company, awesome services and some of the best customer service I have come across online!! Six stars out of Five if I could!!
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Jason Malcolm
Founder & CEO, Blitline
Imagga has been an amazing partner for us and has been a tremendous pleasure to work with. We are continually amazed at the software these guys produce. Their tools for image analysis have been invaluable to us and we look forward to every new tool they release!
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