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Smart Image Cropping Automatically generate meaningful thumbnails in any size and ratio

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How Smart Cropping Works.

Imagga Auto Cropping API helps you automatically generate meaningful thumbnails for large collections of images in any size and ratio. The technology analyzes your image composition and determines the best regions to crop to preserve the most relevant part of the image within the size predefined by you. Perfect for creating content-aware thumbnails, managing predefined layouts, or automated generation of fixed-size previews for e-commerce.

Smart cropping explanation

Create multiple thumbnails keeping the main object of interest untacked. Automatically with the help of AI smart cropping.

Smart Cropping enables image intensive platforms to
automate the process of thumbnail creation.

Foreground Focus icon

Foreground Focus

We will detect the main object of interest on the image and crop around it, keeping it as intact as possible for any size and ratio.

Cropping and Scaling icon

Cropping and Scaling

Besides cropping around the areas of interest, we can manage the appropriate scaling of all image copies you need to create.

Simple and Efficient icon

Powerful API

Easily integrate the API into your application or e-commerce project. You have complete control over the thumbnail sizes, cropping, and resizing options.

Customizable icon

Scalable and Customizable

Our API will scale with your needs and let you customize the desired ratios and resolutions of all images you need to process. Hassle-free, fast, and efficient.

Need better understanding on how to implement smart image cropping and resizing in your applications?

Smart Cropping is Applicable to Variety of Use Cases.

Commerce and retail icon


E-commerce and Online Media

Perfect solution for e-commerce websites and online marketplaces where you need multiple thumbnails and image sizes for any of your pages. We can create the required image sizes in real-time so that you can get your products and offerings online in no time.

Technology cloud icon


Mobile Applications

Many different resolutions, aspect ratios, thumbnails, and views of the same image are needed to provide the right user experience in your image-centric mobile application. Our smart cropping will make you forget about the inconvenient central cropping.

Technology cloud icon


Content Management Systems

If your data team uploads a lot of image content to your system, they must adjust and crop thousands of photos daily. This can be hard for them and also requires time that could otherwise be spent on doing something more creative and productive. Our smart cropping solves this problem automatically.

Customer Stories

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Making Image Content Searchable By Auto Assigning Consistent Keywords In DAM.

FotoWare makes any content searchable by assigning keywords to files. However, an overlapping pain point for users was to populate their collections with relevant descriptive keywords. Auto-tagging was an obvious solution to solve this problem.

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Powerful API Platform, Multiple Integrations.

Cloud icon

Cloud Platform

Use Imagga Image Recognition API on the Cloud to reduce IT costs and to speed up deployment.

On-premise icon

On-Premise Solution

We'll help you deploy Imagga API on your private servers for full compliance with the privacy regulations.

Icon documentation

Developer Documentation

Setup Imagga APIs in minutes with our comprehensive developers documentation

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