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Visual search icon AI-Powered Visual Similarity Search API

Empower product discoverability in your application.

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How Visual Search Works?

Imagga enables companies to implement image-based search capability into their software systems and applications. The technology is based on deep learning and extraction of visual and semantic features during categorization that are used as matching criteria during the search. After extracting metadata from the image, it digs through the index of images and retrieves the best results based on semantics, color, category or functional similarity. For highest accuracy results retrieval, the features relevant for the image database can be custom defined.

The visual search technology represents an exciting opportunity for fashion, home décor and furniture online retailers to improve product discovery and ease barriers to purchase. Imagga visual similarity search technology can be applied to any visual dataset regardless of the industry or the use case.

Visual search explanation

Imagga AI-Powered Image Recognition API
Enables Visual Discovery.

Search icon

Search by Image

Make product discovery easier by enabling users to search for similar items within an index by uploading an image from the web or one they took themselves.

High accuracy icon

High Accuracy

Achieve the highest possible search precision rate for a delightful user experience. Let our expert machine learning team help you customize the features relevant to you image database.

Product recommendations icon

Product Recommendations

Help your e-commerce customers increase conversions by displaying similar products to offer bigger choice or alternatives to products out of stock.

Scalability icon


Imagga Visual Similarity Search API features a scalable infrastructure capable of serving large amounts of requests within large search pools.

Need better understanding on how to implement visual similarity in your business?

Customer Stories

Deliety logo


Improving Product Discovery with Color Tagging

It is an industry standard that each item is color discoverable. This is important for product suggestion, product search, and customer interaction. Since suppliers images lack product color specifications, Deliety needed to develop additional data fields to improve product discovery.

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Powerful API Platform, Multiple Integrations.

Cloud icon

Cloud Platform

Use Imagga Image Recognition API on the Cloud to reduce IT costs and to speed up deployment.

On-premise icon

On-Premise Solution

We'll help you deploy Imagga API on your private servers for full compliance with the privacy regulations.

Icon documentation

Developer Documentation

Setup Imagga APIs in minutes with our comprehensive developers documentation

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