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Face recognition and detection icon Facial Detection and Recognition API

Unlock facial recognition in your applications.

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How does Facial Recognition Work?

Imagga Facial Recognition API helps companies unlock precise and robust face detection and recognition functionality in still images and live stream videos in their applications and systems. The API can be easily implemented in web, desktop and mobile applications used for identification and authentication of users; face detection in a collection of images for the organization of personal photos;

Imagga Facial Recognition API is based on machine learning AI technology which uses object localization for face detection and then compares the features of the face detected with those of images in a pre-defined or custom dynamic database.

Therefore “facial recognition” meaning finding all facial images in a collection of images, that look like the reference image(s) of the same person with high level of confidence.

Imagga deeply respects users’ privacy and doesn’t reveal the identity of the people on the images we process. No facial images are stored - only their numerical features representations are stored and used for recognition. Using Imagga's Face Recognition technology is 100% GDPR compliant.

Detect, recognize, organize, and tag faces in photos
with Imagga Facial Recognition API

Face Detection and Recognition icon

Detection and Recognition

Achieve precise face detection and recognition in still images and live video for single or multiple faces.

Face Verification icon

Face Verification

Compare two photos and search for face matches. Easily build this functionality with Imagga Facial Recognition API.

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Face Recognition and Detection is Applicable to a Variety of Use Cases.

Technology cloud icon


Personal Photos Organization

The technology can be used as a key component in every photo organization application or service - to allow its users to search and filter the photos depending on which are the key people present in them. It can be well combined with our generic tagging for a complete set of personal photo organization features.

Media and Entertainment icon


Editorial Media Management

The technology can be used for identification and recognition of celebrities, politicians, etc. for the purpose of efficient organization and search in large media archives and for content monitoring and analysis.

Powerful API Platform, Multiple Integrations.

Cloud icon

Cloud Platform

Use Imagga Image Recognition API on the Cloud to reduce IT costs and to speed up deployment.

On-premise icon

On-Premise Solution

We'll help you deploy Imagga API on your private servers for full compliance with the privacy regulations.

Icon documentation

Developer Documentation

Setup Imagga APIs in minutes with our comprehensive developers documentation

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