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Adult image content moderationbeta

Automated and efficient adult image content moderation trained on state of the art image recognition technology.

Imagga’s Adult Image Content categorizer filters out NSFW images and helps you serve content that’s most appropriate for your audience.
Image moderation is part of the daily routine for almost every online business. Providing appropriate, safe content is not only expected, but in many cases required specially when it will be publically accessible and in reach of minors. Manual moderation of photos takes a lot of time and can be quite expensive and in a lot of cases too slow to address the need for instantly available content. To answer the growing demand for automated and efficient adult image content moderation we’ve trained our state of the art image recognition technology to smartly understand what content is completely safe for work and what is not. The beauty of Imagga’s NSFW categorizer is that it’s instant, can handle big loads of requests and is fully automated. No human is involved in the process so no matter what your content is, we value your personal privacy but do the job of filtering photos with adult content or nudity.

NSFW (adult image moderation) categorizer puts images in three categories.

Not safe at all icon


Expect p0rn images, nudes, body parts to be put into this category.

Underwear icon


Medium safe images such as lingerie, underwear, pants.

Safety icon


Completely safe images
without nudity.

Imagga’s NSFW categorizer can be used in variety of use cases.

  • Filtering inappropriate images for content, intended for minors.
  • Marketplaces - websites where image content might be uploaded by users and moderation is required. Our NSFW categorizer can be part of automated or semi-automated process. Underwear category can be of great help when you the service or product is not so strict on nudity and only unapropriate adult content needs to be filtered out
  • Stock photography - pre-categorise images containing nudity and provide safe for work filter, making it possible to distinguish between unapropriate adult content and photos containing lingerie, bathing suits or underwear
  • Dating websites - automated or semi-automated filtering of nudes, adult content and/or swimwear & underwear.

Start moderating your adult image content!

3 simple steps to integrate NSFW categorizer in your project.

First of all you'll need to Sign up for Imagga API and receive your API Key and API Secret. After that it is really simple to use it. You just call the categorization endpoint with nsfw_beta as categorization ID. Here is an example cURL request:

				curl --user="<your-api-key>:<your-api-secret>" "https://api.imagga.com/v1/categorizations/nsfw_beta?url=https://imagga.com/static/images/tagging/vegetables.jpg"

And the response with the list of categories recognized for the given image URL:

    "results": [
            "image": "https://imagga.com/static/images/tagging/vegetables.jpg",
            "categories": [
                    "confidence": 100,
                    "name": "safe"

More information on how to use NSFW categorizer can be found on our API Documentation

Disclaimer: The categorizer is still in beta so you might expect some photos that are not safe (pornographic content) to be classified as "safe". Use with caution.
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