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Auto Tagging icon AI-Powered Image Tagging API

Automate Your Image Tagging Process. Enrich images and videos with contextual tags to foster image discovery.

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How Image Tagging Works?

Imagga Image Auto Tagging technology enables automatic assignment of relevant tags or keywords to vast collections of images and videos. A core capability of Imagga’s computer vision offering, the image tagging deep learning model analyzes the pixel content of visuals, extracts their features and detects objects of interest. The model is trained with more than 3000 objects from daily life and can be additionally trained with customer-specific tags for utmost precision.

Auto Tagging explanation

Automated image tagging is a cost-effective and time-saving solution for companies operating with massive amounts of image content often coming from different sources. Incoherent meta-data or even worse – lack of any metadata is a major challenge for companies for which image searchability is business-critical. Imagga Image Tagging API solves this challenge efficiently.

Check how the image tagging works with our generic model demo.

Tagging Demo

Imagga Image Tagging API
Makes Your Images Easy to Find.

Precise and Accurate icon

Precise and Accurate

Imagga Image Tagging API can accurately recognize objects, scenes, and concepts. Unsplash implemented it to improve their image search and user experience.

Scalability icon


Scalable solution built with the enterprise in mind, it’s capable of handling huge volumes of visual content. IntelligenceBank chose it to auto tag over 2.5 million images processed a month.

Simple and Efficient icon

Simple and Efficient

Using the API is as straightforward as sending an image URL to get the auto-generated descriptive tags. We also offer an on-premise solution, which Swisscom used to automate the image organization.

Customizable icon


The generic model features more than 3000 pre-defined tags and can be trained additionally to learn and recognize your custom tags using our custom categorization.

Need better understanding on how to implement image tagging in your business?

Automated Image Tagging is Applicable to Variety of Use Cases.

Media and Entertainment icon


Stock Photography

The discoverability of relevant images is at the core of a successful stock photography website, yet it’s unlikely that all submissions will be tagged consistently and thoroughly. That’s why Unsplash chose to incorporate Imagga image recognition API in their tagging system.

Technology cloud icon


Photo Sharing

Personal photo sharing sites have a vast collection of images and the reality is that the users rarely tag their images making them hard to find. Our Image Tagging auto-magically solves this problem. Read how we helped Funambol to offer a better experience to its users.

Advertising icon


Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is the backbone of online revenue generation for advertisers, publishers and ad agencies. SEEDPOST used Imagga Image Tagging and Color Extraction APIs to analyze image content form user’s social accounts and created, based on image understanding, 36 different lifestyles that match the highly customizable experience of KIA’s new K5 (Optima) model.

Unsplash logo

"We picked Imagga's API because it was by far the simplest and most reliable API we could find. Developing our own in-house solution would have been a wasted effort as Imagga's Auto-Tagging API has been really solid."

Luke Chesser - Co-founder, Unsplash Luke Chesser
Co-founder, Unsplash
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"Artificial intelligence can improve business processes everywhere – including digital asset management."

Tessa Court - CEO of IntelligenceBank Tessa Court
CEO of IntelligenceBank

Customer Stories

Intelligencebank logo


Automating Digital Asset Management process with image recognition

IntelligenceBank is a cloud based Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software company providing organizations with tools to organize and manage their visual content.

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Powerful API Platform, Multiple Integrations.

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Cloud Platform

Use Imagga Image Recognition API on the Cloud to reduce IT costs and to speed up deployment.

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On-Premise Solution

We'll help you deploy Imagga API on your private servers for full compliance with the privacy regulations.

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Developer Documentation

Setup Imagga APIs in minutes with our comprehensive developers documentation

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