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Improving Product Discovery with Color Tagging.



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Deliety.de is a German e-commerce retailer, launched in 2017. Initially, the idea was to differentiate from competitors by offering customers more than just furniture and clothes. Gradually the product offering grew and the site currently offers over 25.000 products, adding more than 2,000 new products a month.

The Challenge.

It is an industry standard that each item is color discoverable. This is particularly important for product suggestion, product search, and customer interaction. Since suppliers images lack product color specifications, Deliety needed to develop additional data fields to improve product discovery.

Initially, Deliety tried to develop this functionality on their own by identifying the dominant color, which was a success. Unfortunately, this was not enough because many products have two or more colors.

Color is one of the leading search criteria in Deliety and to provide this functionality manually for over 25.000 products was a challenge. Imagga API makes color tagging instant and has over 95% accuracy for both primary and secondary color extraction.

Deliety Website

The Solution.

To provide a color search, Deliety needed an affordable solution to detect the primary and secondary colors of their product images. They investigated many solutions keeping in mind that they needed something that made business sense in term of costs, accuracy, and scalability. By using Imagga's API, they cut down development time of this functionality from a year to a day.

Implementation and Support

The entire process of implementing color extraction into Deliety took only a day thanks to the comprehensive Imagga API documentation. Anyone can start adding color tags to his or her image database instantly. The API is very well documented and easy to implement.

During the night, Imagga API processes and tags every new image in the database. The entire process runs in the background, and there are no issues since the API is very light on the GPU.

“ Without Imagga, we couldn't provide a color search for our products, and that would be a disadvantage compared to our competitors. “

Harald Eberl - CEO/Co-Founder of Deliety Harald Eberl
CEO/Co-Founder of Deliety
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Color API for Better Product Discovery.

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