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How auto-categorization works

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Image content

Let's say your project relies on user-generated or crawled image content. There might be tons of images and here comes the big hassle...


These images come without any structured meta-data, so you can't really take advantage of them. So far you could either sort the images manually, using expensive human labor, or in most of the cases - present them in a random order.

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Automated categorization!

Using Imagga's Categorization API, you can categorize all these photos in an automated fashion! Your images are parsed through our Categorization API, we analyze them and suggest the categories they represent.

Custom categories

We have a set of predefined image categories, but you can train your own if you need to! Unlike "one-size-fits-all" solutions, Imagga's Categorization allows you to define categories that are specific for your particular use-case. That way we can recognize more accurately what's on the image in the context and sense important for you.

Need specific categories? Learn more.

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Use Cases

Product Discovery

Imagine a website for interior design inspiration. The API can be trained to recognize if the user-uploaded image has a chair, sofa, table, TV set, bath, and so on. Then the website can present the products in a neatly sorted set of categories instead of a random unsorted mess of images.

Asset Management

Processing large volumes of photos is a problem, which every organization that needs to handle image content relates to. It is a hassle to manually sort, or barely tag images to eventually make them findable. Our categorization API can automate the photo sorting process so you don't need to do anything manually.

Concept Recognition

In general, any type of distinct concepts that are based on visual clues can be learned by our auto-categorization system. This varies from recognizing different types of art to medical or scientific imaging.

Case Study


Carpet pattern categorization in
Designer Pages

Designer Pages is an online system with a vast amount of interior design products and photos.

They benefit from Imagga's Categorization API that automatically sorts their carpet images based on custom-defined patterns types like 'solid', 'linear', 'geometric', and 'graphic'.

The Designer Pages' team saves hundreds of hours that would otherwise be spent to manually categorize carpet images.

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