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Automate Your Image Categorization Process.

Gain control over your enormous image sets with automatic image categorization.

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How does Image Categorization work?

Using a combination of image processing and machine learning, Imagga Auto Categorization technology enables automatic assignment of images and videos to relevant categories. The image recognition engine learns to recognize the categories it’s trained with by building a set of local and global visual features that later activate the right categorization for any new images that are fed to the system.

The automated image categorization technology saves time and budget resources for companies operating with massive amounts of user-generated or crawled image content.

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, Imagga Categorization allows you to define categories that are specific to your business and use-case to achieve the highest precision rate possible. In combination with Custom Training, the Categorization API provides instant image organization with very high precision thanks to the tailored-made, state-of-the-art machine learning algorithm that takes into account the industry specific and business requirements.

Categorization explanation

Imagga Image Categorization API
Makes Your Images Easy to Organize and Classify.

Precise icon

Precise and Accurate

The API can accurately distinguish and assign images to categories. Tavisca used it to improve the quality of the hotel photos served to millions of users monthly.

Scalability icon


Scalable solution built with the enterprise in mind, it can handle huge volumes of visual content. Top education app Plantsnap, chose it to categorize over 320K plant types using over 90 million training images.

Simple and Efficient icon

Simple and Efficient

Using the API is straightforward and easy to integrate into your software stack. We also offer an on-premise solution, which Swisscom used to automate the image organization.

Customizable icon


The generic model features already pre-defined categories from various industries and can be trained to learn and recognize your custom categories using our custom categorization.

Need better understanding on how to implement Image Categorization in your business?

Automated Image Categorization is Applicable to Variety of Use Cases.

Commerce and retail icon


Product Discovery

If we take an interior design inspiration website as an example, the API can be trained to recognize if the user uploaded image contains a dining chair, a sofa, a small table, TV set, bath and so on. It will then display the images into meaningful categories such as dining room, bedroom, living room, kitchen etc.

Technology cloud icon


Asset Management

Processing large volumes of photos is a problem which every organization that needs to handle image content can relate to. Our categorization API can automate the photo sorting process eliminating endless hours of expensive manual labor and mistakes associated with it.

Media and Entertainment icon


Concept Recognition

Our auto-categorization API capacity to learn to recognize distincts concepts based on visual clues is limitless. It can be trained for art work as well as medical or scientific imaging.

Customer Stories

Fotoware logo


Making Image Content Searchable By Auto Assigning Consistent Keywords In DAM.

FotoWare makes any content searchable by assigning keywords to files. However, an overlapping pain point for users was to populate their collections with relevant descriptive keywords. Auto-tagging was an obvious solution to solve this problem.

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Powerful API Platform, Multiple Integrations.

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Cloud Platform

Use Imagga Image Recognition API on the Cloud to reduce IT costs and to speed up deployment.

On-premise icon

On-Premise Solution

We'll help you deploy Imagga API on your private servers for full compliance with the privacy regulations.

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You can also export a snapshot of each model to be used directly on the edge.

Icon documentation

Developer Documentation

Setup Imagga APIs in minutes with our comprehensive developers documentation

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