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How personal photo organization works

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Personal Photos

Let's say you have a photo sharing website where people can upload their personal photos and either make them public or keep them private.


Usually user generated photos come without any info what's on the image and are typically present in chronological order, or eventually based on geo-location.

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Automated organization!

Imagga's Personal Photo Organization API sorts out user generated photos in an automated fashion! Our visual recognition technology will recognize and suggest the categories the photos belong to.

Custom categories

We have a set of 13 predefined image categories like 'nature & landscape', 'beaches & seaside', 'street view & architecture' and so on. Imagga's Categorization also allows you to define categories that are specific for your particular use-case. That way we can recognize more accurately what's on the image in the context and sense important for your users.

Need specific categories or tags? Learn more.

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Use Cases

Photo Sharing

Any personal photo sharing site can benefit from presenting photos in topic-based categories for better browsing and search, eventually in a combination with date and location sorting.

Semi-professional Photography

Amateur and semi-professional photo sites can automatically put their images in relevant categories. This helps for both better exploration and search engine optimization of the website.

Cloud Storage

A cloud storage service that stores predominantly photos can provide a great user experience to its users, allowing them to navigate much easier through vast amounts of personal photos, that's especially useful on mobile.

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