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Cropping images sounds trivial, but it takes time especially if you need to crop unsorted images in various formats. Thanks to our smart algorithm for composition analysis, the images are able to keep their message and portray their author's intention. No important objects are cut in half or left out of the canvas, regardless of size and aspect ratio.

The technology performs a sophisticated set of image analysis techniques to automatically discover and preserve the most visually interesting areas for every individual photo. Cropping or slicing is then performed enhanced by the data provided from the analysis. The technology works extremely fast and is built to deal with huge volumes of photos.

Composition Analysis

Imagga's smart cropping technology analyzes every given image in terms of composition, color and object localization in order to find the most "visually interesting" areas.

Smart Cropping

The technology suggests a part of the image, based on requested target size and aspect ratio, so that it contains as much of the important visual content as possible.


This allows you to automate the process of generating thumbnails and some crazy image sizes even in case the original image is not with the similar aspect ratio as the target one(s).

Using this approach Imagga's Smart Cropping can be also used to suggest multiple sizes of the same image for different purposes. For example - to automatically generate versions of the image that correspond to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus cover photo sizes.

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