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How color extraction and search work

Product images

Your project has a database with a lot of product images, with eventually some meta-data about type, style, pricing, etc.

Color Blindness

This meta-data rarely includes any color information, or if it does it's just about the name of the main color from a simple (<10 colors) palette. People can't find a product by real shades or combinations of colors.

Automated color extraction

Using Imagga's Color API, you can easily extract the colors of all your product images in an automated fashion! Your images are parsed through our Color API, we analyze them and suggest up to 5 representative colors (and their precise shades) for each product.

Background removal

Even if the product image has a complex background, we can ignore it and extract only the real product colors!

Multi-color search

Once the images have been parsed through our system, we can build and store a color search index and back-end. This allows your customers to search in your product collection via a single color or a combination of colors.

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Use Cases

Online Stores

With tons of product images it's hard to find the right ones. While brand, model and size are important, color still has a significant role in the purchase decision. Our Color API enables you to give your users a powerful and easy way to find the color they want.

Fashion and Design Inspiration Websites

Lots of users search for inspiration or upload their own inspiring images online. Having color extraction and search in your system enables you to suggest them more and more inspiring stuff based on similar or complementary colors.

Content Management Systems

If your data team uploads tons of product images to your system, they would have to identify and assign the right colors for each product. This can be hard for them and also requires time that could otherwise be spent on doing something more creative and productive. Our color extraction solves this automatically.

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