We love your video tutorials for Cropp.me

Cropp.me Video Tutorial

It's been amazing year for Cropp.me. When we opened it to the public, the cropping tool was featured in TheNextWeb, Gizmodo, LifeHacker and many, many other blogs known and unown to us. People started writing their own reviews, coming up with ideas for additional features, giving us tips on how to improve the service, requesting API access for the cropping. It's really touching when you see tool as small and simple (but smart) as Cropp.me to be so much loved and most importantly - used.

Here's great video tutorial on how you can use Cropp.me. We could not make it better, thank you!


Five reasons why auto cropping is awesome!

Keep Calm and Start Cropping

Cropping sounds trivial, right? But how do you feel about the face, the body, or another important object in the image being cut in half when you generate square thumbnails to feature some of the images from your collection on the homepage of your site? Here are five reasons to love our smart cropping API:

  1. We fix the above mentioned issue by automatically identifying the visually most important parts of your images in order to preserve them when you need to crop in aspect ratio different than the original one;
  2. Our smart cropping and slicing technology is available as a service - you don’t need to install or host anything on your side, you simply make some lite HTTP requests to our servers in the cloud and they’ll do the job for you, returning the suggested smart cropping region;
  3. Selecting the right cropping, even for a few thousand of images, is very time consuming job for people to do, and it’s error prone as well. In comparison our service can precisely process hundreds of thousands of images in just a few hours so you can showcase precisely cropped images in no time;
  4. Оur pricing is purely based on actual usage. You don’t have to pay a setup fee, monthly subscription, or purchase an expensive license;
  5. People already love using our cropping tool Cropp.me (http://cropp.me) to auto-crop a few images for personal use. Imagine how helpful this can be in large scale for an image collection with thousands or millions of images

And a bonus one: you can get very creative, for example by showcasing really nice looking collages and listing of your images cropped in different sizes and still to be sure that the most visually important parts are well preserved no mater of the aspect ratio, thanks to the smart-cropping :)

Already feel excited about it? Request a free trial API account here!

Free trial access to our color and cropping APIs

We are very excited to announce that we just achieved a major milestone - we fully automated the process of creating trial API accounts for people who want try out our technologies immediately!

This comes along with the launch of our new website. You can use the API request form there to apply for free access to the color extraction and multi-color search and smart cropping and slicing APIs. Just a few clicks away from getting immediate access to the technologies:

API request link

Simply fill in your name, contact details and briefly mention how do you plan to use the API:

application formIn a few second you'll get a confirmation e-mail that we've received your request, and in less than an hour you'll receive another e-mail containing all API credentials and a PHP kit. You can use the kit as a blue-print for integratimg the technologies in your own web projects.

Even if PHP is not the platform of your choice - you can use the PHP kit and the API documentation as a reference how to do it in your own platform of choice.

In fact we (as a startup) are more than open for people willing to contribute. So if you use the APIs in another platform and you have already implemented a client - we will highly appreciate to share it with us and the community. Also, we are starting to hire soon, so this may be a big plus for those of you who decide to apply :)