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How auto-tagging works

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Image content

Let's say your project relies on tons of user-generated or crawled image content. Here comes the big hassle...


These images come without any structured meta-data, so you can't really take advantage of them. So far you could either annotate the images manually, using expensive human labor and effort, or in most of the cases - present them in a random order.

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Automated tagging!

Using Imagga's Auto-Tagging API, you can assign relevant tags to all these images in an automated fashion! Your images are parsed through our Auto-Tagging API, we analyze them and suggest the tags they should be associated with.

Custom tags

We can suggest thousands of predefined tags, but the true potential of Imagga's Auto-Tagging technology lies in its ability to be trained! It allows you to define tags that are specific for your particular use-case and then learn to recognize and suggest them!

Need specific tags? Learn more.

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Use Cases

Stock Photography

Photographers are artistic people who definitely don't like boring tasks. And manual tagging is exactly that - a boring and time consuming task, which is even more inconvenient on mobile devices. Our auto-tagging completely solves this problem, with some minimal manual adjustments eventually.

Photo Sharing

Personal photo sharing sites have a vast collection of images. The problem is that people usually don't tag their photos and leave them unfindable. Our auto-tagging directly solves this problem, allowing your users to search in the site's image content.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is one of the back-bones of online revenue generation for advertisers, publishers and ad agencies. Auto-tagging enables the same model to be applied for image pages and sites, even if no textual content is available! You just need to tag these images (in advance and/or on demand).

Case Study


Contextual advertising in NETINFO

NETINFO is one of the largest online media on the Balkans. They have a lot of online properties including photo sharing and news sites.

They apply our Auto-Tagging API to automatically associate tags with their images and thus provide context for contextual advertising.

Now they successfully serve and monetize contextual ads in their image-intensive properties.

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