Why do you need color search functionality in your web site? Actually we believe that the color search is like the smart phone – you may haven’t figured out that you can’t live without it before you start using it for the first time ;).

If you have already identified the need on your own – please feel free to skip this blog post. However even for you there might be some interesting reasons and applications that you haven’t thought of before:

  • For every service where the user experience and interaction are mainly about exploring images it’s vital to have an easy and intuitive way to navigate amongst them. And browsing based on colors (for example via color palette) is very natural way of behavior that you can make possible by integrating multi-color search functionality in your web project.
    multi-color search
    Multi-color search

    Here is an idea how for example Pinterest could be even better service if they have had color search build in.

  • Of course people are still used to searching via keywords. And actually an automated color analysis of the images can help for this as well – by suggesting color names as tags for the images, so when people search for “red car” for example, cars that have been automatically tagged with the text tag “red” will be visible in the search results;
  • It’s becoming common for the users to have a reference image and want to find something with that particular color presented in the reference. Color extraction and multi-color search can make this to happen immediately. This is especially useful if you can also search based on the colors of the main object in the image, disregarding the background – something that we have as a key feature our color extraction and search technologies:

    Color search by reference object color
    Color search by reference object color

And last but not least – the fact that you can integrate such functionality quite easy by using our awesome color extraction and multi-color search API should make it even more tempting to experiment and see how well this is going to work for you!

And what do YOU think? Have you figured out any good reasons why would anyone need such kind of functionality? We’d love if you share your ideas with us!