GPU Technology Conference is the largest and most sought after event in Europe on the subject of AI, machine learning virtual reality and much more. It is the best place to connect with professionals in data science, image recognition, text analytics, autonomous and much more. This year our partners from Nvidia has decided to hold the event in Munich from 10-12 of October with an impressive agenda. Georgi Kadrev – CEO of Imagga is also going to be going on stage presenting our on-premise solution that was successfully launched with Swisscom.

In the EU data privacy is an issue address by many nations and over the past 5 years has been on the way of companies toward their goal to improve both processes and services. We are proud to announce that with the launch of on-premise image recognition Imagga is the only company in the sector that has that capability ready for implementation.

During the three days part of our team is going to be in Munich and if you would like to talk with any of them please book your time for a meeting. You can access their calendars through the links below. Please provide full contact details.

Georgi Kadrev – Chief Executive Officer

Ivaylo Pozharliev- Marketing Manager

Siyana Plachkova – Software Developer

Georgi Kostadinov – Core Technology Lead

Alexander Dimitrov – On-Premise Lead

Stavri Nikolov – Research Director