Imagga Announcement: Attending GPU Munich

GPU Technology Conference is the largest and most sought after event in Europe on the subject of AI, machine learning virtual reality and much more. It is the best place to connect with professionals in data science, image recognition, text analytics, autonomous and much more. This year our partners from Nvidia has decided to hold the event in Munich from 10-12 of October with an impressive agenda. Georgi Kadrev - CEO of Imagga is also going to be going on stage presenting our on-premise solution that was successfully launched with Swisscom.

In the EU data privacy is an issue address by many nations and over the past 5 years has been on the way of companies toward their goal to improve both processes and services. We are proud to announce that with the launch of on-premise image recognition Imagga is the only company in the sector that has that capability ready for implementation.

During the three days part of our team is going to be in Munich and if you would like to talk with any of them please book your time for a meeting. You can access their calendars through the links below. Please provide full contact details.

Georgi Kadrev - Chief Executive Officer

Ivaylo Pozharliev- Marketing Manager

Siyana Plachkova - Software Developer

Georgi Kostadinov - Core Technology Lead

Alexander Dimitrov - On-Premise Lead

Stavri Nikolov - Research Director


Announcing V3.0 Tagging With Up to 45 % More Classes

We are happy to announce the upcoming update of our Tagging technology! We have been looking to make this change so that you can rely more on your API calls and get more precise results to help you better analyze and classify your visual data.

The updated version will become active on 28th of August and you can expect up to 45% more classes* with overall 15% improved precision rate and 30% better recall.

NEW vs. OLD Tagging Comparison

Because we believe that you need to see it with your eyes rather than just hear about it and test it on your own, we have decided to make this comparison with one of our Demo images.

Clearly in this case you can notice 46% more classes and the clear improvement of the precision in keywords accuracy. Prior to the update the most significant keyword was insect, while now it is dragonfly, small increase in recall but significant increase in intrinsic value.

Important For Current Users:

Our old tagging version will remain the default one for a period of 14 days after the launch. To upgrade you will need to change your endpoint parameter to version=3. Follow this example if you are uncertain how to do this.

If your current request url looks like this:

To make a request to the new version, it must looks like this:

After this, for a period of 7 days the new Tagging version will become the default one, but all users will still be able to make requests to the old version by adding the parameter for version=2. At the end of that period there will be only version 3 and you won't be able to add version parameters to your calls.

What is your experience with version 2 and 3? Did you find much of a difference when testing with your dataset?

* Some classes may have changed names.

free image recognition with imagga

Press Release: Imagga Launches the First On-Premise Solution

Imagga launches the first ever on-premise solution for visual A.I.

San Jose, CA. May 10, 2017. Imagga, a premiere PaaS provider of visual recognition now offers its image intelligence solution for deployment on private, local servers. Companies whose data cannot be shared in the cloud for various reasons can now fully benefit from Imagga’s award-winning content recognition technology.

With the introduction of its on-premise solution, Imagga breaks a new innovation barrier. Companies can now have access to best of breed deep-learning content recognition technology without ceding confidentiality of their data. While Imagga’s cloud-based solution already offers extremely high level of security and privacy, its on-premise solution goes a step further, for when data just cannot leave local servers.

“Our on-premise offering is the ultimate data control solution for companies like private cloud, law enforcement, medical, legal, telecom and highly sensitive corporate content. Installed on a local server, Imagga’s visual content recognition can process billions of images, all without leaving the company’s premises, “ says CEO and co-founder Georgi Kadrev. ”It delivers the highest degree of data security and privacy. No other image A.I. company in the world offers this level of control and security.”

Swisscom, an advanced user of the Imagga’s on-premise solution, regularly processes huge volume of images on their own servers: “Imagga impressed us with the quality of the recognition technology, recognizing both objects and broader scenic categories,” says Andreas Breitenmoser, Project Manager at Swisscom A.G.

Imagga’s on-premise solution can be deployed quickly and seamlessly on any servers with the appropriate technical requirements. The company has been working closely with NVIDIA, the leader in GPU high-performance computing, to optimize all its software to run smoothly and efficiently on NVIDIA GPU servers with Tesla and Pascal architectures.

Highly scalable, the on-premise solution delivers the same level of accuracy as the existing cloud offering, currently deployed by over 9,000 developers worldwide and implemented by companies like Cloudinary, Unsplash, Tavisca, KIA Motors, and Plex TV to process several billion photos and videos in the last year alone.


About Imagga

Imagga (  is an Image Recognition Platform-as-a-Service providing Image Tagging APIs for developers & businesses to build scalable, image and video intensive apps. The company has been recognized by IDC as one of the top innovators in its space for the year 2016. Built for scalability and easily deployed it offers auto-tagging, auto-categorization, smart-cropping, color analysis, content monitoring as well as custom classification.

For more information, please contact:

Georgi Kadrev

Paul Melcher

+1 917 304 3875


Media Files

Imagga logo -

Georgi Kadrev, CEO photo -


Imagga Named As One of the IDC 2016 Worldwide Image Analytics Innovators

Imagga is recognized as one of the 3 pioneering players in the worldwide image analytics market. IDC’s 2016 Innovators report acknowledges companies that offer an inventive technology and/or groundbreaking new business model.

Imagga stands out with the possibility to offer custom image recognition training using custom-provided data for training sets, according to the prestigious report. Thanks to the flexible training model, customers are offered unprecedented opportunity to make sense of their image content and use the insights for analytics, understanding customers or better monetization strategies. Depending on the complexity of the training model, it takes form a day to couple of days for the actual training. Customers are given visual tools to evaluate the results and decide if fine-tinning is needed for greater performance.

According to Carrie Solinger, senior research analyst at Cognitive Systems and Content Analytics “Application of natural language processing and machine learning technologies have advanced image analytics’ cost effectiveness and accuracy, exponentially”. Services as Imagga enable business to harness the power of machine learning and do what once was done manually with great expense of manpower, or was impossible due to time restrictions. Real time (or near real time) image analytics opens up totally new horizon for companies to optimize their business decisions with direct effect on productivity and business results.

You can download this report from IDC here.

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Imagga Featured Hack: Hipster Bar

Hipster bar is where only hipsters are allowed! How do you reinforce that? With a physical doorman who’s job is to ruthlessly send back guys without beards, or, in the case of the Max Dovey’s project - using Imagga’s image recognition technology. The hipster bar was open to the public for the duration of WdW Festival 2015.

Let’s get into the details of this quite unique usage of Imagga’s powerful image recognition technology. To enter the bar, you need to stand in front of camera that snaps a photo of you and then sends it to Imagga servers. Then the tech analyses your look and as result returns how certain the system is you are a hipster.
If you are found over 90% hipster, the door of the bar will open and you can join great company of people that are hipster enough.

Hipster is quite loose term and usually is used to describe a subculture of people who attempt to keep up to date with the latest trend and remain 'hip'. These are men and women in their 20's and 30's that value progressive politics and independent thinking, and often have appetite for art and indie-rock & counterculture. Of course being hipster includes certain look - thick rimmed glasses, tight-fitting jeans, old-school sneakers,  side-swept bangs and beards (men only).

Max Dovey, an artist from Rotterdam, who initiated the project, sourced thousands of images of hipsters to be used by our team to build a special hipster deep learning mode.  The specific classifier was able to easily distinguish between snaps of hipsters and all the rest. Here’s how it actually worked:

Have another crazy idea? Don’t hesitate to try it out - with our custom training only the sky is the limit... if you are hip enough ;)

2015 Recap: Growth

2015 is over and it’s time to do a recap of the year and remember the good and the bad. It was a joyful and at the same time a challenging year, but there is one word that resonates in everyone from the Imagga family - GROWTH.

#1 Self-service Cloud API Growth

Imagga Team 2015

It’s been amazing to see our self-service cloud API customer base grow significantly. Lots of exciting practical applications were developed using Imagga API, but we also saw some really cool and funny apps developed with our tagging technology - application that recognizes hipsters and only lets them into a bar, automated sorting of hotel images, powerful user profiling to empower smart car selection process and many, many more.

#2 Big Enterprise Customers in US, EU and Asia

KIA Imagga API

It’s a different sales channel but the same amazing image recognition technology that helped our enterprise clients better serve their customers. Can’t be more grateful for the trust and the opportunity to work and learn together.

#3 Great Image Recognition Technology Advancement

Language support Imagga Image Recogniton

We worked hard to make the automated image tagging technology more precise and reliable - now we can recognize more objects and concepts and are quite good at it. Scaling up the API to virtually any load that needs to be handled was a major milestone to make sure we can meet our enterprise customers’ demands. Video tagging is in beta and we are excited to mature it with the help of couple of committed customers in the upcoming months. Offering custom training for automated image categorization was another major milestone that we nailed in 2015. Recently we added the first versions of our multi-language support.

#4 Team & Advisors

Imagga Team Bulding Pool

We’ve put lots of efforts into building up the AI knowledge and motivation of the team. It’s been awesome to add the first female member and we'll definitely grow that number next year. Team building retreat in the mountains and playing bowling regularly was great fun. LAUNCHub, our current investor and Vassil Terziev, angel investor and founder of Telerik were vivid supporters and precious advisors on product and business strategy decisions.

#5 Events, Hackathons, Startup Competitions
Georgi Kadrev getting Tech for Big Players Award from HM Felipe VI, King of Spain
Georgi Kadrev getting Tech for Big Players Award from HM Felipe VI, King of Spain

Being part of the startup community locally in Sofia, as part of the greater European startup family, is awesome experience. This summer we started Machine Learning meetups in Sofia and plan to grow the event in the next year. We’ve also supported multiple hackathons by providing cool prizes and access to the Imagga image recognition API.

We exhibited at the NVIDIA's GPU Tech conference in April and met lots of partners and customers there. We are selected to present in the 2016 edition of the same conference in April and will be happy to meet there and tell you about the exciting business applications of machine learning for image recognition and some of the technical challenges we've solved along the way.

Winning South Summit’s award for best startup in the Technology for Big Players category in October was a great recognition for us. Our CEO Georgi had the honour to get the award personally from HM Felipe VI, King of Spain.

Imagga has also been selected as one of the winners of the Balkan Venture Forum in Belgrade, Serbia & The World Summit Award by UN.

In the beginning of December we were selected as one of the 7 companies to take part into inaugural growth program of Google Campus Warsaw - valuable experience with lots of new contacts from the European VC and startup community.

#6 Partnerships & Networking

aylien magga partnership

Big part of our strategy to spread the word about the awesome image recognition technology we’ve developed and make it even more accessible to developers all over the world is through partnerships. We’ve added three more during 2015 - Automatic image categorization and tagging with Imagga, AYLIEN and OntoText S4 and are quite excited to help them serve better their clients by adding advanced image categorization and tagging to the range of services they offer.

We’ve also become part of EIT ICT Future Cloud family of companies and this opens up lots of new opportunities for business development in Europe and the US.

#7 Break-even

Break even

Somebody has said that the best investors in your company are actually your customers. It’s amazing to see so many developers, businesses and enterprises trust Imagga’s API and use it to do things unimaginable before. They help us to reach break-even and continue to grow the company organically.

We are ready to jump into 2016 with lots of things in the pipeline:

  • Major update of the technology – in terms of both precision and capabilities. Stay tuned!
  • Improvements of our web platform, including our API documentation, tutorials and onboarding tools
  • Discovering new verticals and helping even more developers and business to make great use of our image recognition API.

If you haven’t tried our APIs yet, make sure to sign up for Imagga

Multi Language Support - Imagga API

Language support Imagga Image Recogniton

We are happy to announce we are adding 50 languages (still in beta) to Imagga Auto-tagging and Categorization APIs. The tags/categories that the powerful Imagga image recognition API returns now speak your language.  All you need to do is to add the language parameter with corresponding language code you want the results to be displayed in. You can even add multiple languages (for example &language=de&language=fr).

Currently there are 50 languages supported with the following language codes: ar (Arabic), bg (Bulgarian), bs (Bosnian), ca (Catalan), cs (Czech), cy (Welsh), da (Danish), de (German), el (Greek), es (Spanish), et (Estonian), fa (Persian), fi (Finnish), fr (French), he (Hebrew), hi (Hindi), hr (Croatian), ht (Haitian Creole), hu (Hungarian), id (Indonesian), it (Italian), ja (Japanese), ko (Korean), lt (Lithuanian), lv (Latvian), ms (Malay), mt (Maltese), mww (Hmong Daw), nl (Dutch), no (Norwegian), otq (Querétaroo Otomi), pl (Polish), pt (Portuguese), ro (Romanian), ru (Russian), sk Slovak), sv (Swedish), sl (Slovenian), sr_cyrl (Serbian - Cyrillic), sr_latn (Serbian - Latin), th (Thai), tlh (Klingon), tlh_qaak (Klingon (pIqaD)), tr (Turkish), uk (Ukrainian), ur (Urdu), vi (Vietnamese), yua (Yucatec Maya), zh_chs (Chinese Simplified), zh_cht (Chinese Traditional)

Find out how to implement in Imagga API Docs.

You can see how auto-tagging and the language support works live on our demo page.

Not finding yours in the supported languages list? Talk to us.

Imagga among the 40 winners of UN-based World Summit Award 2015

Imagga @ World Summit Award

Imagga was selected as one of the winners of the World Summit Award, a global initiative in cooperation of the United Nations World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) and UNESCO, UNIDO and UN GAID. WSA is the only ICT event worldwide, that reaches the mobile community in over 178 countries.

Imagga Image Recognition PaaS will be honored to receive the Award in e-Media & Journalism category in front of UN representatives, ICT ministries and the private sector at the World Summit Global Congress in Shenzhen, China, in February 2016.

“It’s extremely exciting to see two Bulgarian companies - Imagga (e-Media & Journalism category) and Bee Smart (e-Health and Environment category) as finalists of the World Summit Award 2015. Having two winning teams happens for the first time since Bulgaria participates in the prestigious award”, states Pavel Vurbanov, European Software Institute - Center Eastern Europe.

The 40 winners representing 24 countries were carefully selected from 386 nominations. The goal of the award is to showcase the world’s best practices in digital innovation - from Japan to Brazil and from Norway to Australia.

The WSA winners were selected by a jury of international ICT experts in two democratic rounds. Each UN Member State is eligible to nominate one product per category for the World Summit Award. This way any nomination results from a national pre-selection prior to the international WSA Jury.

Imagga Gets Big Players Award by HM King of Spain at South Summit 2015

Georgi Kadrev getting Tech for Big Players Award from HM Felipe VI, King of Spain
Georgi Kadrev getting Tech for Big Players Award from HM Felipe VI, King of Spain

Imagga was honored to get Tech for Big Players Award at South Summit 2015, that took place in Madrid, Spain. At the closing day HM Felipe VI, King of Spain himself awarded the finalists of the startup competition at the event and spent some time to talk with the winning companies. Out of the four startups being recognized at the event, Imagga is the only company that doesn't come from Spanish speaking country.

South Summit is the leading entrepreneurship event for the Spanish speaking world. Over 12,500 participants, 100 startups, 650  investors, 325 journalists и 275 speakers took place in the forum, held in the historic Las Ventas building - build in the beginning of 20 century and home of the famous bull fights. Special guest of the event was Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple together with Steve Jobs.

Imagga was one of the 100 carefully selected startups from 15 countries (3 companies in total from Bulgaria) and we competed in Tech for Big Players category (the other categories were; digital solutions for the mass market, healthcare and biotech, industrial revolution)

“Being able to stand and pitch on the very same arena famous for bullfighting actually raised the adrenalin and made the experience quite unique. It was great opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs, talk image recognition and AI, currently quite hot trends, and talk to investors and media”, shares Georgi Kadrev, co-founder and CEO of Imagga.

Imagga's automated tagging is getting traction and we see great use cases and lots of business opportunities. South Summit opened up a new world of possibilities as we've never been that much focused on the Spanish speaking world, but we see it's big and interesting.

"I took some time to contemplate why I like this tree as a prize that much - it's not just because it was given by His Majesty the King of Spain and is the symbol of Madrid, but also as it is a very beautiful metaphor - it has been planted some time ago, and it took a while before it shows up above the ground. Now it's grown but it's still small and it still needs care until it grows and give some sweet fruits. I believe it's the same with our Imagga.", shares Georgi Kadrev

Being part of SouthSummit was fun and very rewarding. Thanks for inspiring us and at the same time acknowledging our efforts to democratize image recognition and make it useful for great variety of business use cases.

Machine Learning Meetup in Sofia

ML Meetup Sofia

Three year ago when we publicly talked about machine learning, deep learning, convolutional neural networks and AI not many people were getting it. It was hard to explain what all this is about. Things have changed, and for good.

Last week we’ve invited a bunch of people to Machine Learning meetup. The first in Sofia. 60 people attended and it was awesome. It’s awesome to see so many people interested in AI and machine learning. And they were getting it. We are sure machine learning will be widely adopted in many tech verticals  in an year or so and are proud to be helping Bulgarian AI/ML community to exchange ideas and grow.

Judging by the number of people and cases that has been discussed, lots of startups are already exploring the power of machine learning in various industries - e-commerce, bitcoin landing, real estate, to mention few. It’s still the early days of ML community in Sofia, so we’ve started with some basics. Judging by the variety of the questions after our short intro presentation, next editions of Sofia Machine Learning Meetup will be quite geeky and interesting.