The world as we know it has significantly changed. We all planned for a good and prosperous 2020 year, but the coronavirus pandemic has shifted everybody’s focus from economic growth and prosperity to keep what we value the most – our lives and the lives of our dear ones.  

At Imagga, we are taking the COVID19 pandemic seriously and have taken actions to safeguard our team members and their families. By taking care of ourselves, we also want to make sure we will be able to care about our valuable customers: being able to respond in a timely manner and support them whenever they need help.  

In challenging times like that, we’ve taken the following measures to make sure all Imagga staff is safe and operational: 

  1. Home office.

    We’ve always been a location-distributed company, and half of our team works remotely. We’ve canceled all in-person meetings for the foreseeable future and introduced a strict work-from-home policy. Most of our operational meetings so far have been online, so we are well adjusted to the new norm.

  2. Getting through it all together.

    We encourage all team members to stay in touch with each other in this challenging time for us and our society. We are aware you and your team might be forced to work from home too. We will be here to support you by shortening our response time and providing you assistance in any technical issues you might be facing regarding our APIs.

  3. Supporting local communities and global fight with COVID19.

    If you are part of a team researching COVID19 and its effect on society, we will be happy to provide you with assistance for Imagga’s AI custom training and free access* to our APIs. We will be happy to run jobs on our amazingly powerful in-house NVIDIA DGX Station and help you build fast a custom AI model addressing the COVID19 challenges.   


* Note: For free access to our APIs, custom training, and any other technical issues, please, contact us via email with details of the project, expected usage, your university, or non-profit research organization.