Kelvin is a platform for monitoring and early diagnosis of infectious diseases that have epidemic/pandemic character.


Our lives are a perpetual transfer of energyour blood constantly bringing nutrition, protection, and heat to all our organs and body parts. In the intangible but ever-present world of mathematics every single thing in the universe can be described with a mathematical equation. With project Kelvin we unite experts in thermal cameras and optics, image recognition and bio-imaging, respiratory infections and diseases, Big Data and AI/ML analysis, mobile applications development, UI and UX on a mission to protect your and your family’s health by early diagnosis of highly-infectious diseases.

Kelvin works via directly attached thermal-imaging camera to a mobile device (iOS, Android) that feeds image data to a mobile application with an embedded image and medical analysis algorithms. 

Our body typically exhibits certain normal temperature deviations in the different body zones. When there’s an inflammatory process, caused by a virus, COVID-19 including, the changes in the deviations can give early signals for a viral infection. The normal thermometers are not capable of detecting these subtle changes, but the thermal cameras are. The image recognition technology developed by Imagga’s team analyzes the personal thermal pictures and the periodic changes in it. Using a specialized algorithm to maximize the accurate assessment of the individual’s current state and their respiratory system activity, Kelvin determines the likelihood of a viral infection.

Kelvin utilizes Imagga’s advanced  AI technology to address the currently unfolding global crisis due to COVID-19. It can be used by individuals to efficiently monitor their health status (existence and development of infections) in the home environment. The platform can also be used by infected patients to control the inflammation progress, send/receive data to GPs and make timely decisions for hospitalization.

The desired outcomes include virus spread control, monitoring the progress of the disease – stages and complications, opportunity for daily check of the health status of non-hospitalized individuals.

The successful implementation of Kelvin will be of great help to the healthcare systems around the world in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation, allowing the proper prioritization of urgent measures to those who need it most and reducing the unneeded and risky exposure to medical institutions of those who do not.

Project Kelvin is in active development and we’ll provide updates on the progress we’re making.