Since its foundation, Imagga has been striving to create the best possible image recognition technology. Meaning computer vision has been our core focus long before it became the $20 Billion industry it is 2018.

One of our goals is to give back to the community and captivate the young minds in Bulgaria, so together with New Bulgarian Univesity, we organized a course for the M.Sc students which has reached a record high in student satisfaction. The course focus is on understanding core computer vision technologies, building neuron networks and creating machine learning algorithms on a basic level. Thus allowing students to get an overall understanding of the skills and technology requirements to build an artificial intelligence project in 2018.

During the course, Imagga – CEO, Georgi Kadrev, covers image processing and analysis basics that every junior computer vision programmer should comprehend. Georgi is also a professor at Sofia University and has extensive background teaching. Because of it, he uses managed discussions for more advanced topics like machine learning, classification, and feature extraction. This allows him to build a course program where the knowledge of his students develops proportionately with each lesson.

Lectures are divided into two sections one been lead by Georgi Kadrev, CEO – Imagga, and the other by Georgi Kostadinov, Core Technology Lead – Imagga. This combination of mind allows the course to give both technological and business perspective for anybody who wishes to excel in the AI game.

Our goal is to inspire and make bright young students to use our Free API and build creative projects. For us, it is important that you share your project ideas and capitalize on them. This stimulating Bulgarian entrepreneurship and students inventing their own jobs rather than working on building somebody else’s dream.