Imagga partners with Blitline to jointly offer Smart Cropping

We are excited to announce that starting today we are partnering with Blitline, one of the best and most lightweight and easy to integrate image processing services in the cloud!

Blitline& Imagga

Our cooperation starts with the opportunity for Blitline users to take advantage of our smart-cropping, as applied in our cropping API and cropping tool The guys at Blitline have produced a very easy to understand example why Imagga’s smart cropping is better than just center cropping:

How Imagga smart cropping works

Imagga Smart Cropping as explained by Blitline

Funny enough, the idea for the cooperation came a month ago from an existing user of Blitline who approached us and asked if we can provide them with the same seamless integration that Blitline offers for regular cropping, but with our smart cropping, or ideally – can we offer it via Blitline? No sooner said than done! We got in contact and things simply worked out.

Now Blitline users who subscribe for the special Blitline + Imagga plan have access to the imagga_smart_crop function for their image processing pipeline. The pricing sticks to the pay-as-you-go model (per cropped image) plus a very low monthly subscription fee.

Blitline Imagga Pricng Plan

Blitline + Imagga Pricing Plan

We do believe this is going to be a great example of co-opetition!

Come hack with Imagga APIs at Google I/O Extended Sofia

Google I/O 2013 in Sofia

We will be partnering with Eleven for Google I/O Extended Sofia event. It’s exciting you can not only see live the great sessions during the event but also do something – write a bit of code may be

We will be facilitating specially designated hacker’s corner at SOHO, where you can stop by and hack for an hour or a day. It’s up to you but feel welcomed to stay as long as you wish and start making your great ideas into working prototypes. If you do not have an idea but feel like coding, here are some ideas we come up:

  • Picture mosaic of images, that form any national flag. You can use Imagga Color API and Google Images for the collage creation.
  • Guess what’s on the picture – use Imagga Crop API to find the most prominent part of the image and blur it. Then serve the blurred images so people can make their guesses.

These are just two ideas to help you start hacking. We will be more than please to help you with our APIs for some other great ideas connected to image manipulation that you might have.

For the most diligent there will be in-kind price of $500 in commercial API usage. Eleven, who’s hosting the event is offering wildcard for live interview for their next investment round.

More about Imagga APIs and how to hack using them can be found here –

Even more detailed information:

We will be extremely happy to see you at Google I/O Extended Sofia and specially if you stop by the hacking corner. Most probably there you will find some Imagga team members, but if you need more information or if you want to reach out, pls, email to or send message to Georgi –

Partnering Photo Hack Day Berlin in the first days of June

Photo Hack Day 3 Berlin

Continuing our tradition to partner image-related hackathons, we are happy to announce that we’ll provide Imagga API access and prizes for the competitors in the upcoming Photo Hack Day Berlin hackathon in June 1-2! The lead organizers are our friends from EyeEm.

PHD3 Imagga Prize

In addition to awarding API credits and cash prizes, we are planning to announce some amazing news at the end of the event! If you are keen about images, hacking and starting startups – make sure to come around and hack with us and the other great partners of the event:

PHD3 Sponsors

Photo Hack Day Berlin Sponsors & Friends

See you at the arty Platoon Kunsthalle venue!

Imagga API kits in Ruby and Java, now looking for your platforms!

I guess most of you agree that nothing is as motivating as seeing people being enthusiastic about what you do. And that’s why we feel privileged to have some real supporters among you guys!

We are happy to announce that now we have some great community-supported kit/clients for Imagga API in Ruby and Java!

Trying to stick to the MVP approach when launching our platform in the end of this January, we decided that it’s absolutely OK to have only a PHP client and a well written concise documentation that still allows developers integrate the API in other platforms, until we manage to implement multiple platform kits later on.

We thought that if hackers are eager enough to try and use our API it should be OK for them to spend an hour or two figuring out how to make the proper HTTP calls on their own, in their development platforms of choice. Happily enough, this turned out to be right!



The first version of the Ruby client was implemented in about two hours by Mart Karu during Seedhack in February! The team formed during the hackathon was eager to use Imagga’s color extraction and they were using Ruby, so Mart did the ‘hackwork’. He was kind to publish it on GitHub – - and to continue supporting it after that. Big Thanks Mart!


Java (registered trademark of ORACLE)

The Java API kit is implemented and constantly updated by Jakob Vad Nielsen. He contacted us long time ago, when we still haven’t launched Imagga API publicly, and we took the chance to contact him back once we were ready. Soon after he shared that he has implemented and published a Java kit, available in GitHub again – Big Thanks to Jakob, also for his feature and tweak requests that make a lot of sense, and for being that rapid in keeping the kit up to date with the constant changes we apply to the API!

Now it’s your turn!  We are currently focusing the majority of our technical efforts to providing more advanced and scalable technology. That’s why porting the Imagga API client/kit to some other platforms unfortunately is out of our very-short-term backlog. But that’s where you can help! Do you feel enthusiastic about what we do and want to try it out, but your preferred platform is neither PHP, nor Ruby, nor Java? You are more than welcome to wrap a client for it and share it with others! Node.js, .NET/C# and Python for example would be very nice additions to our kit-supported platforms. Of course, we will help as much as possible in providing relevant info and support, in addition to the color and cropping API docs that are already there.

We are starting to hire soon, and implementing a tidy kit for Imagga API in a new platform is definitely a plus for those who want to apply. And the good karma should be enough for the others? Please contact us if you think so :)

Partnering Photo Hack Day 4 in Facebook HQ this April

We are very excited to partner the 4th edition of Photo Hack Day to be held April 6-7 in the Facebook HQ in Menlo Park! Photo Hack Day 4 Photo Hack Day This is “THE hackathon” when we talk about images. The last edtion has gathered more than 350 developers who’ve produced the impressive 72 innovate image related hacks! What better place than that to offer our APIs for some heavy hacking?!? It’s a privilege for us to be among lots of great API sponsors:   Photo Hack Day – API Sponsors We do hope to see a lot of creative hacks using all these APIs. We’re offering prizes for all who integrate the Imagga API, plus a special cash prize for the the most creative integration! If you are around make sure to join the party and make some great use our APIs

Browsing ASOS items based on colors

Since our great experience as an API partner in Seedcamp’s Seedhack about a month ago in London we were quite keen to showcase how what we do can applied in online fashion and retail. That’s why we came up with the idea to pick up one of the most recognized players in the online fashion industry – ASOS, and do some mashup with our color extraction and search API.

Asos - dark green - Imagga results

And the result is already here! - The interface is pretty basic currently, but it’s still handy – you can pick one or more colors, provide an image URL or upload a photo, and you’ll get images of similarly colored items (predominantly dresses and shirts) from ASOS. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Asos - light orange - Imagga results

One of the first eager testers of the demo got quite inspired and came out with an awesome use case for color search using a picture – “In case someone’s wondering what kind of clothes would suit their cool green Alfa Romeo Montreal  -“:

ColorsLikeMe Example

I agree, it really matters to look stylish in your retro Alfa   Why don’t you try it and see if it’s going to work for you as well!

We love your video tutorials for Video Tutorial

It's been amazing year for When we opened it to the public, the cropping tool was featured in TheNextWeb, Gizmodo, LifeHacker and many, many other blogs known and unown to us. People started writing their own reviews, coming up with ideas for additional features, giving us tips on how to improve the service, requesting API access for the cropping. It's really touching when you see tool as small and simple (but smart) as to be so much loved and most importantly - used.

Here's great video tutorial on how you can use We could not make it better, thank you!

Imagga at Intel Global Challenge in UC Berkeley

It was really exciting to be finalist for Intel Challenge Europe. We won second prize and this gave us the chance to compete with the best teams from all over the world, not somewhere but in Berkeley University.

So the journey began! Georgi and Chris were lucky to be able to travel and represent Imagga at IGC. Well, visiting UC Berkeley was really exciting itself. Both Chris and Georgi have graduated Technology Entrepreneurship in Sofia University but the program was actually drafted and sponsored by UC Berkeley. We've heard much of that great place, now visiting and taking part in Intel event was awesome.

Staying in a hotel just across the campus was super cool experience. You wake up in the morning really early (different time zone, jet legged) and look down to the street that goes to the campus and see hundreds of students. Almost made me get out of the room and go explore with some of them ;-)

The competition took place in Haas School of Business, nice building at the corner of the campus. UC Berkeley is liberal arts school so we were surprised to see so many students dressed up! Kind of in contradiction with the startup culture we've been tough and later to see down in the Valley. That explained the official attire for the whole competition. Somebody joked that's one of the reasons they placed Haas at the corner of the campus. You do not see much casual dressed students in campus ;-)

It was exciting to see lots of interesting people that have fought to come to the finals of Intel Global Challenge. It was also challenging to be able to connect and talk to all of the folks as the competition is not strictly IT. Actually most of the project were clean tech and social enterprises.

The competition was well organized but a bit over-managed. People in Europe are not used to be told to go to the restroom before taking 1 hour ride for example. Anyway, this might be the American way of organizing a bunch of aliens with strange names and business ideas ;-)

The best part of the competition, to be honest, were mentoring sessions. In a room the size of Cabin Hotel room and temperature of a tropical iceland we got one of the best mentoring sessions ever. He was polite enough to listen to the whole presentation and gave us couple of really good ideas that we've implemented in our pitch and we believe that made it really good.

The jury pitching was in closed doors (even journalist that has been deliberately brought overseas for IGC were banned recording and taking pictures!) and we can only speak about our presentation. With no way to compare it with the presentations of the other competing teams, we believe ours was one of the best  ;-) The very fact that the honorable jury spent all the time asking questions, even the time left from the presentations (Georgi delivered for 8 min instead of 15) speaks of the interest and the impression our project left in the jury members. It was a pity the person from Intel that was supposed to be part of the jury was missing, but any way, a jury of two is still a jury.

All this positive stuff makes you think we managed to get to the 8 finalist that were supposed to present publicly!? We didn't, and it was surprising as we still believe our project was worth going through (pretty much sure all the participating teams will say the same about theirs). It wasn't surprising when on the last day of public presentations they announced they are not giving one of the awards - New Technology for New Users. If you read in the booklet specially created for the competition it says they are giving this award for a project with great opportunity to create a disruptive, scalable business that most impacts Generation C (17-27). Non of the projects selected for the finals tackle that problem and user group. Taking pictures and innovation around that we still believe it's going to happen through Gen C ;-)

Competitions are created to get experience, to practice your pitches, to get to know interesting people, to win sometimes. Well, we are very happy we've participated in IGC and learned a lot, networked a lot, spend a lot! Well, we did not win, but as they usually say in competitions like that - all are winners. The very fact we've managed to go through the selection process, win in Europe (and that wasn't an easy win), get our posters at Intel, present proudly and fearlessly network, makes this trip a success for us.

Next - Silicon Valley weekend trip and exciting stay in, but we will post about that separately.

Imagga goes to Webit in Istanbul

Imagga is going to Istanbul. For a couple of days. WebIt is calling. WebIt is the biggest event for digital, technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Central-Eastern Europe and the Middle East. For the last couple of years it has been organized in Sofia, Bulgaria, but it outgrew in attendance and scope so the next logical move was the cosmopolitan Istanbul.

Imagga has been selected as one of the 21 finalists for the Startup Challenge. It’s great honor to represent Bulgarian startup ecosystem to an event as diverse and big as WebIt. We will be doing a 5 min presentation during the startup pitches, so if you happen to be at WebIt, watch out, we have amazing product and presentation to show.

You can meet us at the startup village during WebIt. We will be glad to get to know you and talk about image understanding and the great image API services and tools we currently offer.

StockPodium gets investment

We are really excited to announce StockPodium was micro-funded by The OpenFund aimed at supporting new ideas that are deployed on the Internet and emerging technologies.

Getting some seed money and as well access to the OpenFund business consultants and technology partners, we will be able to put all our efforts on the visual similarity, the technology that powers StockPodium and offer innovative and really useful service to the creative communities of publishers, designers, professional speakers and photographers.