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We are happy to announce Imagga got $260K funding from LAUNCHub, a 9M Euro Seed & Acceleration fund (financial instrument of the JEREMIE initiative of the EIF and EC) that invests in startup companies, and $90K from several private investors. Small portion of this investment amount is for buying out of the shares of a previous micro-seed investor, OpenFund.

Imagga democratizes image understanding technologies by wrapping them in a cloud platform of powerful APIs that allow auto-cropping, color extraction & search, categorization and auto-tagging of large image collections. Imagga APIs allow owners of large image collections to automate the process of analyzing, organizing and searching through the images inside their collections on a SaaS basis.

Imagga’s flagship technology is auto-tagging – automated image annotation, that helps businesses and individuals with vast image collection to add meaning to every single image and to better organize images.  Tagging is time consuming, highly dependant on human labor process, but extremely crucial for image intensive businesses. The ability to ease the that process by automating it and making it almost real time, is Imagga’s goal.

The investment from LAUNCHub will help Imagga focus on maturing all image technologies currently in development – color and multi-color search, auto-cropping, auto-categorization, visual similarity and specially image auto-tagging. The company plans to speed up its research efforts as well as it’s growing its customer base.

Daily more than 1B images are take, 500M of which are shared publicly. Private and public image collections are growing with speed unimaginable. Organizing all that images and getting advantage of them is significant pain for business in lots of business verticals. Imagga provides easy to integrate APIs, offered as software-as-service and soon subscriptions.

We are also pleased to announce two partnerships for distributing our APIs. Blitline provides industrial strength online image processing and has added Imagga’s APIs to their offering. Mahsape is a world-class API marketplace and Imagga APIs are available for integration to their steadily growing developer community.