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AI for efficient visual content
MODeration at scale.

Funded by EU

Funded by

the European Union


National Recovery and

Resilience Plan

AI-Mode: AI for efficient content MODeration at scale

Start: 12.09.2023 End: 12.09.2025

AI-MODE is based on 4 main activities covering the technological maturation of the technology and the product, its preparation for scalability and business-focused dissemination and piloting:

  • - improvement of the AI technology and platform readiness to meet variety of automated moderation needs;
  • - extension of the moderation platform usability in terms of moderation efficiency, learning from human intelligence and providing valuable insights, statistics and optimisation suggestions;
  • - validation of the market readiness of the pre-commercial AI-MODE;
  • - preparation for a successful market launch in the target markets in the US, Europe and Asia.


Next Generation EU Fund: 4 209 924.07 BGN Total budget: 6 014 177.25 BGN

Contact: Nikola Krastev, Project Coordinator (nikola.krastev@imagga.com)