KIA K5 (Optima) Campaign

It was very impressive how easy and straightforward Imagga API is.
Hyeryoung Choi, Creative Team Leader, SEEDPOST

SEEDPOST used Imagga Image Tagging API to match 36 lifestyles with the highly customizable New KIA K5 (Optima) model.

Imagga image recognition API was used by SEEDPOST to analyze image content form user’s social accounts and create, based on image understanding, 36 different lifestyles that match the highly customizable experience of KIA’s new K5 (Optima) model.

The Challenge The goal of KIA’s K5 (Optima) model campaign was to showcase the new model and match its highly customizable features with the lifestyle of the prospective customer. A simplistic yet powerful approach was needed to carefully match the 36 KIA K5 (Optima) types of car engines, color and design options with people’s preferences for comfort and speed. Unlike most of the companies that try to understand user’s preferences by asking multiple questions, SEEDPOST strived for an innovative approach that requested using disruptive technologies as image recognition through machine learning. Imagga’s technology made it possible to get powerful insights from the images uploaded by the customer in social media. Processing and skillfully categorizing the data helped SEEDPOST create profile engine that magically understands user preferences and matches them with the best KIA K5 (Optima) model.

Official description of the campaign On KIA’s K5 (Optima) campaign website you can log-in using your Facebook or Instagram account. Your social image feed is pulled on the screen and you are asked to select three images that best describe your lifestyle. The images are then processed via Imagga Image Auto-Tagging API and as a result the keywords that best represent the image content are automatically generated. The keywords are then matched with 36 different profiles based on the lifestyle, speed, color and design preferences. The application then builds attractive presentation of the K5 (Optima) model, customized specially for you based on the automated analysis of your images.

Solution For the KIA’s K5 (Optima) campaign it was crucial to have a high-precision analysis of the user photos and their color schemes so they can target precisely the potential buyers and their preferences. That’s why the development team of SEEDPOST decided to use both our Auto-Tagging and Object Color Extraction APIs.

The use of both APIs is really straightforward - as simple as sending and image URL and get the auto-generated descriptive tags and/or extracted object color names and hash codes. In this particular case SEEDPOST mapped the list of possible response tags and colors to the customized models of KIA’s K5 (Optima), so they can suggest the best model based on the customer-selected photos the analyze via the Imagga APIs.

For such kind of campaign the speed and concurrency are essential part of the user experience of the people interacting with it. For that reason Imagga provided capacity to handle up to 600 concurrent request per minute to both the tagging and the color extraction API for that particular use-case and guaranteed 99.98% uptime as part of the SLA.

Imagga APIs proved to be really appropriate from technical and functional standpoint to empower profiling and highly-targeted engagement of potential customer and has the potential enable the same use-case for plethora of campaign that can benefit from precise user-profiling based on the photos the have, share, like or select specifically.

"It was very impressive how easy and straightforward Imagga API is. Imagga provided various client libraries and elaborate documentation but at the end of the day it turned out we do not need to even use that. A simple HttpRequest with customized header info to the API endpoint worked quite perfect. We had no technical issue during implementing Imagga API.”, states Hyeryoung Choi, Creative Team Leader, SEEDPOST

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Client SEEDPOST, South Korea


Results/Stats 3.5M pageviews
840K visitors engaged

About the client SEEDPOST is a digital communication agency and makes integrated solutions to build sustainable brand experiences and effective storytelling across multiple channels.

Category Advertising/Campaigns

Technology used Tagging and Color APIs

Platform Web and Mobile

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