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Legal Terms & Policies

Cookie Policy

When you use the website www.imagga.com (“Website”), the so-called “cookies” are saved. Cookies are small information files stored on your hard drive by your web browser, through which certain information about you can be collected. When you access the Website, the system of Imagga Technologies Ltd., UIC 202291147 (“Imagga”), creates cookies with certain content on your computer. Cookies cannot execute code or transmit viruses to your computer.

Imagga uses cookies to analyse anonymously or pseudonymously (the meaning of the word “pseudonymisation” can be found in our Privacy Policy ) the use of the Website and to provide you with advantageous offers. The third-party service providers (Google Analytics, Amazon Web Services and Intercom) listed in the Privacy Policy may also create cookies under the purposes for which Imagga uses their services.

The generating and use of cookies by Imagga are carried out in accordance with Art. 6, para. 1, letter (e) of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 and Art. 4a of the Bulgarian Electronic Commerce Act.

Imagga uses system and tracking cookies, which collect various information about your actions on our Website, including when your session starts, login details, website visits and more. Cookies help to adapt the website system, for example, to have the suitable interface according to the type of device you use. This Website uses transient and persistent cookies.

Transient cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. They are especially used as session cookies. They keep the so-called “Session ID”, which is used to link subsequent requests made by your web browser to each other. This way, your computer can be recognized when you return to our Website. These session cookies are deleted when you log out or close your web browser.

Persistent cookies are deleted after a predetermined duration only, which may be different for each cookie. The maximum time limit set for our cookies is three years. You can delete these persistent cookies at any time, despite their specified duration, through your web browser settings.

The placement of cookies on your computer can be prevented by the settings of your Internet browser. Pre-set cookies can also be deleted through your web browser settings. Please note that preventing cookies from being placed on your computer may mean that not all features of the Website will be available without restriction.