Personal photo organization in Sliki

Sliki is a multi-platform mobile application that groups your mobile photos by topic so you can find the images you want to see much faster.

Sliki integrates Imagga's Personal Photo Organization API directly in the application back-end. All user images are processed and categorized in the predefined personal photo categories.

Our solution enables Sliki to sort the photos not just by date or location, but also based on their actual visual content.

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Color search in ColorFit

ColorFit is a mobile application that lets you snap a photo of something and find clothes with similar color.

ColorFit uses Imagga's Color Extraction & Search API to extract colors from user photos and also to perform multi-color search among pre-indexed collections of fashion items.

Imagga's Color API allowed the development process to be focused on the usability of the application, rather than the color extraction and search logic.

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